Digtial meters-start with good levels

Start With Good Levels-180 To Great VO

Successful voice-over recording requires that we start with good levels. Remember, this is just the beginning of the project. There is still a lot of post-production to take place after the recording part of the session. Everything you do to prepare the voice file to send to your client is your own post-production, but the engineer on the other end may have a lot more to do before the production…

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The Cardioid Sweet Spot

In this video post, I will be talking about the cardioid sweet spot on large diaphragm condenser microphones. Too many people are getting this wrong and I want to make sure you’re not one of them. But first, I feel the need to emphasize the difference between a condenser mic and a dynamic mic. Why Voice Talent Use A Condenser Mic In the voice-over industry, we use condenser mics because…

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An Editing Trick I've Used For 20 Years-180 To Great VO

An Editing Trick I’ve Used For 20 Years-180 To Great VO

Digital Audio Workstations can be frustrating to use. They are packed with features to be able to do just about anything concerning audio. Sometimes those features get in the way of what we are trying to accomplish. I’ll show you an editing trick I’ve used for 20 years that will eliminate a common problem. Working with recorded audio requires some expertise that many people are just not interested in reading…

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Using Markers-180 To Great VO

Using markers is a great way to get a visual representation of your voice over session even before you do any recording. I like to think of the edit window in my recording program as a blank sheet of paper. Just like with paper, though, you can either stare at it and get intimidated by blank space or your first draft will be rough if you don’t plan. Some people will…

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Save Time With Templates-180 To Great VO

Let’s Face It, Life Is Short. Really, IT IS SHORT! I hate doing the same things over and over again. We can waste so much time just repeating the same tasks, and starting a recording session should not be one of them. You can save time with templates. The first in a series I am calling 180 To Great VO, 180 seconds or three minutes to turn things around and…

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Breathing Exercises-open sky

Breathing Exercises For Voice: Go Long And Score Big

Think About It Breathing is something we do unconsciously and really never give any thought to intentionally controlling its process. But as a voice talent, you will need to take control of your breathing if you have any intentions of getting through a script. The tonal quality, the sound, the volume, the pitch, the energy of your voice are all reliant on how you exhale. Breathing exercises for voice might…

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Your Mic Technique Stinks: And What You Can Do About It

Good Mic Technique Is Harder Than You Might  Think It has been said that the human speaking voice is the most difficult instrument to record correctly. Good mic technique is essential in any recording situation, but none more so than when recording voice over. This article will help you if your mic technique stinks and show you what you can do about it. You can get away with a lot in the…

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Voice Over Practice Exercises-basketball

Voice Over Practice Exercises Anyone Can Do

There Are Really Very Few Gifted People In The World Tips and tricks are all over the internet. But practice is how you really make progress. Here are some of my favorite voice over practice exercises anyone can do that will help you get ahead in this competitive industry. Nearly every talented person got that way because they went through a process of practicing to develop that skill. And if…

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4 bullseyes

4 Steps To Nailing Your Audition

Will This Be The One? – Nailing Your Audition Getting called for an audition is a wonderful feeling. Sometimes just knowing someone wants you for anything is going to lift your spirits. But that’s only the first part of the picture in nailing your audition.You still need to do what it takes to get the job. If you are doing a large number of auditions but are not getting more work,…

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Recording Sound To Your Computer

Ubiquity Computers are in nearly every home today, and they are easily capable of doing many more things than ever before. Not long ago though, unless you were an audio engineer, you wouldn’t even think about recording sound to your computer. It would also take expensive equipment and there wasn’t much you could do with it, so it would probably be just a novelty. The Power Of The Chip Who…

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Voice Over in the Studio sp

Voice Over In The Studio-Blow The First Take!

Timing Is Everything If you are going to be recording a voice over in the studio, whether in a professional facility or your own home studio, you have got to have good flow and good cadence in your script reading to be believable. Understanding sentence structure plays a big role in the timing of your delivery. Just as important as having a sense of timing is having a sense of…

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How to improve video sound quality

How To Improve Video Sound Quality

  Are You Sounding Your Best? Video tutorials are used in a wide variety of subjects for teaching or training purposes, but many of them simply do not sound as good as they could. Let’s talk about how to improve video sound quality so we can get the audio up to par with the video content.   The Problem There is some great information on the internet and there are…

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Pop Filter Placement Neumann

Pop Filter Placement-One Simple Rule

I am sure there are a lot of you wondering about the best pop filter placement to get great results from this simple tool. I have already talked about the importance of using a pop filter  and why it may be the biggest bang for your buck in the studio. But in order for anything to be effective, it needs to be used in the correct way. I have one…

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Why use a pop filter

Why Use a Pop Filter-The Easy Answer

Why Use a Pop Filter? If you are just starting out in the voice over industry, you may have wondered, why use a pop filter? Isn’t it just another unnecessary expense in an economy where everyone is trying to save money? Hardly. A pop filter may be the most valuable tool in any voice or vocal recording application. And it certainly gives you the most bang for your buck, as it…

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recording a voice demo

Recording a Voice Demo-Where to Start

If you are going to be in the voice-over industry, you are eventually going to need a voice demo. A voice demo is simply a demonstration of your voice in the type or style that you represent. This allows someone who may want to hire you to hear a representation of  how your voice would sound in a professionally produced project. Before you set out on recording a voice demo,…

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