Why A Website Is Important

why a website is important-are you on lineYou are in business for yourself. You are an entrepreneur making your own decisions about your future. You will want to know why a website is important to your business and why you need to have complete control over it’s content and development.


Being on the web is so important these days with so many devices that can access the Why-A-Website-Is-Importantinternet from nearly any location. For many people the internet is the only way they get information. With the increased capabilities of cell phones the web is being accessed many more times today than ever before. And that is only going to increase with the demands of technology.

Having an online presence with your own website establishes that you are serious about your work. Your website can leave a favorable impression on your current and potential clients.

A good website presence allows you to keep your fans and followers current with your activities as well as showing that you yourself are staying current in your field and up to the times.


How Much?whyawebsiteisimportant

Not too long ago if you wanted a website, you needed to find a web designer and try to describe what kind of site you wanted and hope that what they came up with was something appealing to  you. You would have to make sure that you thought of everything you needed in the time your site was being created.

You might be charged a huge one time fee or be charged by the hour, which would also end up being a huge fee by the time you were done. Because if you needed to change something, the hourly rate starts again. And you couldn’t change anything unless you called the web designer and paid the fee again. And in most cases your domain name would be under his control.


There’s An Easier Way

What if I told you that you could build your own website and have complete control over changing it and adding content to it any time you wanted? Every single day, in fact. And best of all, you can do it for FREE.

It sounded pretty good to me, too. Actually, you wouldn’t be reading anything on this website if it didn’t, because it wouldn’t exist.

You can have your website up and running, LIVE on the internet in a matter of minutes, not weeks or months. And you can shape it the way you want to, and if you don’t like what you’ve done, you can undo. You can change it. You have the power to create your website any way you want.

Click the publish button and find out how.why-a-website-is-important-publish

As I said earlier, as a voice talent, you need to have a presence on the web, one where you can post your latest work, host your voice demo, talk about who your clients are and let the world know what you are capable of.

It is also an easy way to create a complete package of yourself that you can use to promote your services. No more sending CDs of your demo everywhere, or mp3ing it via email. Your website address can be a permanent part of your email signature so that with every correspondence your entire business profile is just a click away.


So What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you know why a website is important, get your profile, your demo, your past work and your present work on the web for anyone with an internet connection to see.

Start your presence online today in just a matter of minutes here.

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